MusclePharm – Combat Crisp Protein Bar – Marshmallow


Gluten Free Rice Crispies with 16g of Protein

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Combat Crisp Protein Bar

Not your average protein bar!

  • 16 grams of protein
  • 170 Calories
  • Gluten-free

From the makers of the original Combat Crunch, MUSCLEPHARM® CRISP protein bars feature a light, rice crispy texture and are made using a proprietary process for delicious taste. Combat Crisp breaks the mold on traditional, bland and texture-less bars and introduces a unique spin on a childhood treat. This decadent bar includes 16 grams of high quality protein and only 170 calories. With 3 delicious flavor options – Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Marshmallow, your taste buds will be flying high. Crisp is perfect for on-the-go nutrition, a high protein snack between meals, pre and post workout, or anytime you crave a guilt-free treat.