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We’ve all probably made the New Year’s resolution to achieve our fitness goal and cut down on our food intake and exercise more this year. But looking back since making that fitness goal resolution, how far have you come? Don’t worry, if you haven’t really seen enough progress, then there’s completely nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, we are here to help you get back on track and be your fitness partner towards achieving a strong and healthy body.

But being physically fit is not just about being skinny and sexy. In order to successfully reach your fitness goal, you have to set them first. Let’s have a look into some of these generic fitness goals that can help you define your goals for yourself.

Fitness Goal: Get Ripped

One misconception about building muscles is that you have to reduce your calories in order to burn fat. The truth is, if you overdo your calorie-cutting, it’s going to make you lose muscles. The best way to achieve your fitness goal of getting ripped in a quicker way is to cut calories from carbs and to eat more protein. You can consider eating eggs for breakfast as eggs are a good protein source. Bracket our workouts with a protein shake to get easily absorbed protein when your muscles need it the most. You can try out Nutrition Depot’s Gold Standard Whey. This product contains the purest form of whey protein that currently exists, and it can definitely help support all your muscle building needs even after training.

Fitness Goal: Bulk Up

Bulking up can be a difficult fitness goal for some guys. That’s why there is also a misconception that as long as you load up on carbs, it will be easier for you to bulk up. The thing is, if you load up on the bad calories, yes you will grow in size but it imposes a lot of health risks for you. The calories that you need are clean calories. These are the calories that you need in order to build slabs of new muscles minus the fat. You need to eat about 200-300 more calories a day than your usual calorie intake.

You can make homemade weight gainers to help you in the process. One of our favorite weight gainers is the peanut butter with frozen berries and protein smoothie. Frozen berries, natural peanut butter and a tub of protein powder are all you need! If you need a peanut butter with fewer fat calories, you can grab one here.

Fitness Goal: Improve Performance

There are 2 types of fitness junkies: those who want to improve their appearance, and those who want to improve their performance. Appearance-based results are those who want to increase muscle and decrease fat. Performance-based results, on the other hand, means increasing strength and aerobic capacity. You can set your performance and fitness goal by skill; mastering a movement such as a pull-up or a squat. Some would even base it on their running endurance; increasing the pace and distance every training day until they reach their desired results.

If you want to see performance-based results, you have to keep in mind that you have to be objective; set specific and definite goals, and likewise, they have to be measurable. If you are looking for supplements that can help you improve on your energy and focus to help you reach your target performance and fitness goal, you might want to check out these products.

Fitness Goal: Go Natural

If you are someone who just wants to simply maintain your weight, then it’s probably more practical for you to just go natural. Going natural means, you are neither working out to build muscle or improve performance. It simply means that you want to maintain and watch your weight. Now that you only have your weight to watch, you can choose to indulge in more food. Some of the perfect food you can munch on are Nutrition Depot’s Quest Protein Chips. Chips used to be reserved for cheat days, but not these chips. It has only 5g of total carbs with zero junk ingredients so you can totally snack on them minus the guilt.


Now that you’ve set your fitness goal for yourself, it’s time to work on them. Always remember the reason why you are doing this, and most importantly, that you are doing it for yourself. Nutrition Depot provides you with a wide array of supplements and healthy snacks that can help you reach your fitness goals. To know more about their products, you can visit.

essential muscle supplements

Men with determination always work hard and train hard just to achieve a solid body with tough and firm muscles. Most men admit that work out alone is not enough to gain a solid muscle. Bodybuilding supplements are very essential when it comes to workout process because it amplifies the workout results to build a massive gain. To help you out, here are the top essential muscle supplements that can help you achieve your body goals!


This supplement not only helps for muscle building but also boosts your strength for a heavier workout. The main purpose of creatine supplementation is to increase the body’s levels of creatine phosphate. It helps expand your energy level for more intense and pumping workout. It is considered as one of the most effective and safe when it comes to boosting your workout experience. This makes it a gold standard for muscle building supplements.

Protein Powders

The most common supplement for workout is none other than Protein Powders! This muscle building supplement is the highlight of the workout. Protein Powders amplify the results of your intense workout because not only it helps in recovering your sore muscle but also increasing muscle mass for a firmer and solid muscle. Intense workout while supplying your body with pure protein will help your muscle to grow larger and tougher in no time. There are so many brands that offer different kind of Protein Powders, make sure to choose wisely when it comes to selecting the right protein powders based on your body and workout needs.

Weight Gainers

Getting hard in getting enough calories to supply your workout experience? Don’t worry! Weight gainers are designed to help you get more calories and protein.  They are great alternatives whenever you are taking too much food. You should always consider your calorie intake when you are working out because it supports your body volume to increase until you achieve your target body shape. Both calories and protein are primarily needed for maximum muscle growth. So always make sure that you are getting enough while working out.


Muscle supplements can considered as a helpful for your workout routine. Both are very complementary to each other and give convincing results if you know the basic purpose of each supplement. Nutrition Depot provides different bodybuilding supplement to support your pre to post work out need. Be sure to check our website and shop for your own muscle supplements now!

wweight gainers vs protein powders

There is confusion among many beginners about what type of muscle enhancers they should use during their workout routines. Most common confusion is how protein powders and weight gainers differ from each other.  There are still misconceptions and mix-ups regarding the appropriate use of both of these products. In order to have a full grasp of what these two differ from each other, it is important to learn the purpose of both of them for every bodybuilder.


Most fitness bodybuilders or workout buffs do not even consider protein powders and weight gainers as muscle ‘supplements’. It is rather just an alternative and convenient food source for them. It is like drinking a glass of milk but more concentrated and consists of bulk nutrition. Do not expect to easily achieve the ultimate body of your dreams by just drinking these so-called protein supplements. Supplements doesn’t have any muscle building properties that are more effective than the usual high protein foods. It is a mere conventional replacement meal for gym buffs while they are on their workout sessions.


Now that we have identified the true purpose of both weight gainers and protein powders, let us help you determine what you should use to your personal workout routine.

Protein Powders

Protein powders are almost all isolated or concentrated protein. It has little amounts of carbohydrate and fat. These type of bodybuilding protein alternative is usually use by fitness buffs who are looking to develop a leaner muscles. This is a staple for every bodybuilder whenever they receive an insufficient protein from their daily meals. Though it is not necessary to consume these protein enhancers, it provides an effective additional protein in developing a leaner muscle body. Some recommended and trusted protein powders are whey protein isolate, concentrate, or whey protein blends.

Weight Gainers

Weight gainers, on the other hand, are usually a combination of both carbohydrates and protein. They usually have a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein which is a perfect fit for those who are looking to gain weight but at the same time developing lean muscles. These type of concentrated nutrition powder is usually use by beginners who are looking to gain a bigger body mass. Same as with protein powders, it is an alternative source of protein and carbohydrates that aims to boost ones weight and muscle. The most common weight gainers are protein and carbohydrate blends, muscle mass gainers, and maltodextrin.


Whether you are looking to increase your body weight or develop ripped muscles, it is essential to have a trusted provider that can help you achieve that fitness goals you have been dreaming of! Nutrition Depot Philippines is the country’s most trusted supplier of bodybuilding and sports supplements in the country. Our wide range of FDA-approved products are guaranteed safe and are sourced from the most trusted brands in the world. Establish your own workout routine and choose the right mass gainer or protein powder for you!


Check out and grab one of your favorite fitness supplements to one our stores near you or you may visit our website at

Fitness Routine-banner blog

How to Start Your Fitness Routine

An important factor towards a strong and fit body is by incorporating a healthy fitness routine to one’s lifestyle.

Aside from balanced nutritious food, physical activities should also be an essential part of one’s fitness routine every day. It helps reduce risks of having chronic diseases, improve balance and coordination, as well as help increase one’s self-esteem. However, remember that achieving a healthy and fit body cannot be attained hastily.

So, if you are to start a fitness routine, take note of these factors to establish an effective workout routine.

Plan out your mornings

Mornings are probably the best partner for every fitness routine.

This is the perfect time to condition your body on how it will work out. Make sure you start your morning with a workout routine as this can help you establish new body habits. If you have morning errands and would not be able to work out, do it in the afternoon/evening instead.

Never skip breakfast! Always make sure that you consume a substantial amount of breakfast meal as this will keep your energy stable throughout the day and will make you avoid overeating in the later meals of the day.

Watch what you eat

The road towards a strong and healthy body is not going to be easy as you need to say goodbye to your favorite junk food and oily food.

Make sure that you are consuming the right amount of nutritious food throughout the day. Start eating whole wheat bread, organic food, fruits and vegetables, a high-rich protein food such as fish and chicken. It is time to pass through and ignore those sweets and chips during your groceries.

Start slowly and build up gradually

Now that you have an idea of the basic necessities for an effective and successful fitness routine, let us move on to the main workout action itself.

During your workout sessions, give yourself plenty of time to warm up first and cool down with easy walking or gentle stretching. This will improve your stamina and avoid getting tired when you start hitting those lifts. Don’t rush your workout regimen. You don’t have to do your exercise at one time. Allocate a schedule for your leg exercises, aerobic exercises, back, and arm exercises.

Also, you don’t have to start at the very heavy routine like the other fitness junkies. You can just start light and you can move on from there gradually. You wouldn’t even notice you are already doing cross fit exercises in no time!

Consider pre-workout nutrition

There is no harm for an additional energy booster right?

During workouts, there is always a time wherein you will feel extra exhausted especially if you decided to have your workout routine after work or daily errands. The day’s stress and workload will make you feel heavy and tired of your workout.

For an added energy and performance, you may want to consider taking pre-workout enhancers to make sure that you will not get tired during your session and push you to your true limits. Some of the ideal pre-workout supplements you may want to consider are supplements that have amino acids such as beta alanine. This reduces fatigue in the body and keeps buffer lactic acid that limits the number of reps you are planning to do.


Citrulline malate or I-citrulline is also a recommended pre-workout ingredient as it increases performance by decreasing muscle soreness and recovery time. This helps increase the blood flow going to and away from the muscle. The last and probably the best pre-workout you may want to take is Creatine. It helps with energy levels, strength, and keeps the muscle cells hydrated.


Starting your fitness routine is somehow hard to take in as it requires a lot of sacrifices and hard work. Thus, you need a fitness partner that can always help you reach your true limits.


Nutrition Depot Philippines is the country’s top supplier of sports and fitness supplements. We are dedicated to bringing the best out of all the people who are looking to be fit and healthy. We want to help you achieve that fitness goal you have always wanted! Through our wide array of pre-workout and workout supplements, your fitness needs are guaranteed taken care of! To learn more about our products, you can visit our website at or visit one of our branches near you!

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