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How to Start Your Fitness Routine

An important factor towards a strong and fit body is by incorporating a healthy fitness routine to one’s lifestyle.

Aside from balanced nutritious food, physical activities should also be an essential part of one’s fitness routine every day. It helps reduce risks of having chronic diseases, improve balance and coordination, as well as help increase one’s self-esteem. However, remember that achieving a healthy and fit body cannot be attained hastily.

So, if you are to start a fitness routine, take note of these factors to establish an effective workout routine.

Plan out your mornings

Mornings are probably the best partner for every fitness routine.

This is the perfect time to condition your body on how it will work out. Make sure you start your morning with a workout routine as this can help you establish new body habits. If you have morning errands and would not be able to work out, do it in the afternoon/evening instead.

Never skip breakfast! Always make sure that you consume a substantial amount of breakfast meal as this will keep your energy stable throughout the day and will make you avoid overeating in the later meals of the day.

Watch what you eat

The road towards a strong and healthy body is not going to be easy as you need to say goodbye to your favorite junk food and oily food.

Make sure that you are consuming the right amount of nutritious food throughout the day. Start eating whole wheat bread, organic food, fruits and vegetables, a high-rich protein food such as fish and chicken. It is time to pass through and ignore those sweets and chips during your groceries.

Start slowly and build up gradually

Now that you have an idea of the basic necessities for an effective and successful fitness routine, let us move on to the main workout action itself.

During your workout sessions, give yourself plenty of time to warm up first and cool down with easy walking or gentle stretching. This will improve your stamina and avoid getting tired when you start hitting those lifts. Don’t rush your workout regimen. You don’t have to do your exercise at one time. Allocate a schedule for your leg exercises, aerobic exercises, back, and arm exercises.

Also, you don’t have to start at the very heavy routine like the other fitness junkies. You can just start light and you can move on from there gradually. You wouldn’t even notice you are already doing cross fit exercises in no time!

Consider pre-workout nutrition

There is no harm for an additional energy booster right?

During workouts, there is always a time wherein you will feel extra exhausted especially if you decided to have your workout routine after work or daily errands. The day’s stress and workload will make you feel heavy and tired of your workout.

For an added energy and performance, you may want to consider taking pre-workout enhancers to make sure that you will not get tired during your session and push you to your true limits. Some of the ideal pre-workout supplements you may want to consider are supplements that have amino acids such as beta alanine. This reduces fatigue in the body and keeps buffer lactic acid that limits the number of reps you are planning to do.


Citrulline malate or I-citrulline is also a recommended pre-workout ingredient as it increases performance by decreasing muscle soreness and recovery time. This helps increase the blood flow going to and away from the muscle. The last and probably the best pre-workout you may want to take is Creatine. It helps with energy levels, strength, and keeps the muscle cells hydrated.


Starting your fitness routine is somehow hard to take in as it requires a lot of sacrifices and hard work. Thus, you need a fitness partner that can always help you reach your true limits.


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